Shannon symonds main render mermaid

Main render from UE4

Shannon symonds close up mermaid

UE4 close up render

Mermaid in Sketchfab

Shannon symonds side views mermaid

UE4 front and back

Shannon symonds mermaid tech render

Images taken from 3Ds Max

Shannon symonds mermaid concept

Concept sketches

Shannon symonds mermaid colour variations

Colour variations

This model, based off of my original concept design, took a total of 5 weeks to create. I had a lot of fun creating her, and have learnt a lot due to the challenges of an underwater character. I also used Substance Designer for the first time to create the scales for the tail.

Thank you so much to both Adam and Bailey who allowed me to use their iridescent shader on the tail created in UE4. I've linked their portfolios below:

Adam -
Bailey -